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As a full-service contractor active in the bid and negotiated markets, we work across an array of services and delivery methods, rigorously estimating, budgeting, planning, and delivering the highest quality projects – on time, on budget, and with the greatest care.

Safety is a top priority, not only to keep our teams, subcontractors, and clients secure, but also because unsafe project environments create unnecessary risks, injuries, delays, and budget overages. That’s why we have a full-time, dedicated and certified Safety Director on staff, formal risk avoidance policies and processes in place, and OSHA 10HR, CPR/First Aid and scope-specific training for all Hogan and Subcontractor field management and employees.

Delivery Methods

Construction Management At Risk

With nearly 65 percent of our projects in the Construction Management At-Risk market (CMAR), we’ve honed a solution-based, collaborative process in which each team member has an understanding that their individual responsibilities are connected to a common goal: the success of the project. With the CMAR model, Hogan is committed to delivering the project within a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). Whether it’s new construction or a renovation project, we will handle everything, to include preconstruction services, budgeting and cost estimating, scheduling, value engineering, design coordination, and on-site project management.

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General Contracting


Hogan’s Design-Build service offers a turnkey solution by consolidating the architecture, engineering, and construction into one contract, resulting in a unified project team. Design-Build allows you to take advantage of our deep knowledge of pricing, value analysis, and scheduling services from the beginning of your project, saving you time and money – and ensuring the timely delivery of your project.

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Accurately forecasting the cost, size, and duration of your project is vital to its success. At Hogan, this begins with our Estimating Department collecting and analyzing data such as materials, labor, location, and project duration – and securing the most accurate, value-engineered costs for you and your project.

Using a life cycle cost approach brings together the best practices in construction, science, and business.  We work with the project architects and engineers to analyze the project’s operational system to achieve long-term cost savings.

During the conceptual and preliminary design phase, our experienced Preconstruction team offers suggestions for site-use and improvement issues to the architects and engineers. During the design, our team continually evaluates new materials and procedures. These insights will ensure the greatest value for the client.

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Virtual Building and BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to decrease the time and resources wasted in the process of designing and constructing a structure.  

BIM provides us the freedom to create virtual models that are shared among the design team, contractor, subcontractors, and owner. Each team is free to add their own specific expertise, while the software ensures all changes are tracked and updated to one single model.

By constructing a building in a virtual environment first, project managers can identify potential problems that are invisible on two-dimensional drawings. Problems are addressed and solved. Changes are made instantly. Ultimately, BIM streamlines schedules, communication, and helps deliver complex, high quality projects on time and on budget.

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Sustainable Construction

As a company, we’re committed to sustainable construction practices in every project we undertake. From recycling construction waste and giving procurement priority to locally sourced materials, we’re always looking for innovative ways to bring sustainability into the built environment, thereby creating more value for our clients.

To-date, we have more than 15 LEED certified projects in our portfolio – from LEED certified to LEED Gold. We’ve worked closely with project architects to retro-design conventionally non-LEED conceptualized projects to meet LEED criteria and ensure new funding sources. Through our careful management of the LEED process, we’ve also helped projects achieve a higher level of LEED Certification than originally intended without additional cost to the owner.

Our team is eager to work with you to help identify which LEED certification level makes the most sense given your project requirements and budget.

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Safety is a top priority, not only to keep our teams, subcontractors, and clients secure, but also because unsafe project environments create unnecessary risks, injuries, and delays. Our certified Safety Director equips our Hogan subcontractor field management and employees with risk avoidance policies and training procedures, such as OSHA, CPR/First Aid and scope-specific training.  

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Lean Construction

The Lean Construction approach to design and construction is based upon enhancing project value while revealing wasted resources. It allows our teams to work together in a transparent and collaborative way. Our measured and always evolving planning process creates consistent workflows and predictable project outcomes.  In addition to helping each team operate at its most productive level, Lean Construction helps reduce safety hazards, provides the most value from our resources, and delivers the highest quality project possible.

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Site Selection

The site on which your project will be built plays an integral role in its planning, design, and construction. Our experienced professionals have a proven selection process that’s influenced by an array of considerations – from the building’s purpose, shape, and size to the site’s soil condition, terrain, and environmental condition to nearby facilities, local infrastructure, and laws. Let our knowledgeable team help you navigate the site selection process.

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Resources We Use

We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to work more efficiently while providing a value to our clients.  To that end, we use an array of resources – Procore Construction Management Software, Drone Technology, Laser Scanning, Virtual and Physical Mock-Ups - to help us organize and manage construction documents, to create virtual and physical mockups of projects, and to capture topographical data and job-site monitoring via drone technology.  See how we can put our tools to work for your next project.

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