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United Tool & Mold Headquarters: Liberty, SC

Hogan partnered with MCA Architecture to interpret and merge the future needs and vision of United Tool and Mold. The result is a thoughtfully efficient 47,500 SF production area and a 10,000 sf office space to serve as the company’s corporate headquarters. The new facility will consolidate and replace two existing facilities. The intent is for the new facility to be a modern, clean, and attractive work environment.
Hogan and MCA spent several months learning about the company’s current process and future business model in an effort to ensure that the new facility would encourage a well-organized work flow. Multiple bridge cranes, large stationary equipment, and the need to drive tractor trailer delivery trucks through the building were accommodated in the design of the production area. The office area will feature abundant natural light, modern cloud ceilings, flexible work spaces, and a multi-purpose breakroom with an all-glass overhead door for expansion onto a covered patio. This space will ensure collaboration between the sales, engineering, and tool makers.