Construction Management at Risk, Higher Education, Interiors, Renovation

UGA: Boyd Hall: Athens, GA

Hogan Construction Group was awarded this 7th floor, 17,000 SF interior renovation project to upgrade the research laboratory spaces and related building systems of the Boyd Hall Graduates Studies Building. Though this project was awarded as a Construction Management at-Risk project, Hogan worked very closely with Wilson & Dawson Architects creating a team approach which allowed us to meet the desired goals of the University of Georgia.

The project involved working on an occupied floor within an occupied building in which appropriate signage was imperative to the safety of the staff. Additionally, tight coordination of material handling and limited space for delivery and staging made it crucial for Hogan to work closely with subcontractors, coordinating a just-in-time delivery system to minimize the amount of materials being stored on-site. Interior building demolition was made possible by the use of a trash chute into a dumpster located outside of the building and temporary dust partitions.

Hogan provided a Guaranteed Maximum Price, value engineering, preconstruction, construction phasing, sequencing and cost estimating services. Additionally we implemented our Local Participation Information System database which searched for local subcontractors and suppliers within Clark County. We were able to employee 7 local subcontractors, allowing this project the opportunity to re-invest in the Athens community.

In addition to managing the construction, Hogan provided technical review, cost evaluation and schedule evaluation assistance to Wilson & Dawson while they completed the design phase. Hogan was also responsible for the methods of construction, safety, and scheduling coordination throughout the life of the project. Additionally, Hogan managed the Warranty Phase that included management of punch-list items and the resolution of any warranty complaints during the warranty period.


Boyd Hall

Boyd Hall