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TDC / Greenfield Industries / GreenTech Overseas Headquarters: Seneca, SC

Greenfield Buildings
China-based TDC Cutting Tools, Inc. has established its overseas headquarters in Seneca, SC on the same site as its subsidiary, Greenfield Industries.  The firm is a leading manufacturer of expendable cutting tools and related products.
Hogan Construction has been selected to provide Design-Build Services for the new headquarters.  It is located adjacent to the existing Greenfield offices on approximately 8 acres of land. The project includes a two-story office building with a recycling center for high value tool steel.
The new office facility will encompass 32,000 square feet and will be designed to present a unique and opening feel.  It will also include fully equipped Conference Rooms, a Break Area, Showroom, and Sports Room for employees.  The 16,000 square foot recycling center for GreenTech will be used for supplying expendable cutting tools and related products.  This building is designed to have easy access to work areas and the ease of shipping product to help enhance production.