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Suwanee Branch Library: Suwanee, GA

The 20,000 square foot Suwanee Library created a public meeting place for the community of Downtown Suwanee. Designed in parallel to the Suwanee Master Plan, the library complements the nearby historic downtown area and offers a large front community plaza.

Interior details include a high central roof which allows natural light to enter through clerestory windows and indirect lighting which allows for illumination without glare. The interior mimics a historic downtown street with interior structural columns doubling as street lights and decorative metal trusses reminiscent of old town pavilions. Furthering the historic theme, the children’s area is sheltered behind a clock tower façade and “antique” doors, windows and street lights are featured throughout.

The Help desk is centralized and allows library staff a 360° vantage point. The library makes extensive use of self-check kiosks and is equipped with data, voice and wireless systems to support future advances.

This project was completed on time and under budget within a nine month time schedule.

Client Quote:

“Your team maintained the construction schedule and completed the project within budget while communicating effectively and resolving issues quickly. ”

Gray Booth
Gwinnett County

Suwanee Branch Library, Suwanee, GA