Construction Management at Risk, Faith-based, Recreational, Renovation/Addition

Perimeter Church Pool: Duluth, GA

In order to better serve a growing and very popular summer camp ministry program, Hogan Constuction provided construction services for Perimeter Church’s Camp All-American. This project including the improvement and expansion of their swimming pool and recreational activities facilities.

Pool facilities were upgraded by modifying and expanding the existing lap pool and enhancing its distinctiveness for team water sports. A child’s spray pad and play area was built, as well as a beach entry pool where children can walk effortlessly from the pool deck into the pool. An additional feature to the pool is a custom faux rock waterfall which provides for a constant stream of water under which children can walk. The pool additions and expansions required modifications to the existing pool equipment and building, as well as a new pool equipment building. Three standard tennis courts were added to the immediate recreational area.

Perimeter Church Pool, Duluth, GA