Construction Management at Risk, Education: K-12, Renovation/Addition

New Prospect Elementary School: Anderson, SC

New Prospect Elementary school was originally constructed in 1979. The additions and renovations to this school were funded by a $140 million bond referendum passed by the residents of Anderson County to provide for the growth in this area.

Construction occured while school was in session and completed in four phases. Preventive safety measures were placed in order to provide for the safety of children, staff, and parents.

Phase I included a new detention pond and storm drain line, as well as new fire protection lines and fire hydrants.

Phase II work involved the addition of a new classroom wing with a corridor connection to the existing building. The new wing encompasses 9,500 square feet of classroom space and a 3,500 square foot media center. A new fire lane and the resurfacing of asphalt paving on existing playgrounds completed this phase.

Phase III consisted of interior renovations to the new health area and restrooms. A new parking lot was added and resurfacing of existing asphalt drives.

Phase IV involved the overall renovation of existing school finishes.

This project was executed simultaneously with Whitehall Elementary School.

New Prospect Elementary School, Anderson, SC