Commercial, Design-Bid-Build, Interiors, Renovation/Addition

iNCOMM Headquarters Expansion: Atlanta, GA

inComm is a major tenant in the Cousins’ 10-story American Cancer Society Center at 250 Williams Street, occupying approximately 75 percent of the building. The design-bid-build project includes a new 2-story space and a new single story space inside the existing atrium area at street-level. The client was looking to create an unique space with a lot of visual impact and the design of the single story space accomplishes just that by placing a new building complete with barrel roof, wood veneer clad walls and black anodized storefront inside the atrium. This 6,350 SF building within a building will house administrative offices for inComm, an expansion of the existing battery room and will provide for future expansion of a mezzanine level electrical room if inComm develops the need for additional space.

Construction challenges:
1. To preserve the original marble floor in the atrium, cushioned carpet pad and ¾ inch plywood was placed over the floor to protect it during the delivery of the structural steel and trusses. Due to load capacity constraints of the slab, materials had to be hand rolled on dollies from the main lobby entrance, 240 feet away from the construction area.

2. With the work surface being an elevated slab over a parking deck (5 ½ inch thick concrete with integral post-tension concrete beams) conventional means of erecting steel with lifting equipment were not possible. Many options were explored but ultimately the safest means of hoisting the steel beams into place (the heaviest beam being 4,000 lbs) ended up being a double tower structural scaffold assembly with a junior beam support. The smaller beams were hoisted with a series of lifting plates and chain hoists attached to the existing concrete columns within the footprint of the expansion area.

3. To minimize the toxic fumes from welding inside the building and protect air quality, welding was carefully and specifically scheduled to happen all in one night. Studs had to be welded to the deck and mechanical fastening to beams. Smoke eaters were brought in to control air quality.

InComm Headquarters Expansion, Atlanta, GA