Hogan has LEED certified projects in our portfolio that range from LEED Certified to LEED Gold. In our firm’s history, we have experience working closely with the project architect to retro-design conventionally non-LEED conceptualized projects to meet LEED criteria in order to ensure new funding sources – this collaborative effort resulted in the facility achieving LEED Gold certification. Further, through the careful management of the LEED process, Hogan has been able to achieve LEED Silver Certification on projects that were originally intended to achieve the basic level of LEED certification—all without additional cost to the Owner. Hogan has LEED Accredited Professionals in all levels of the firm.

The USGBC developed the LEED Green Building System for measurement of building sustainability in 1998 – the same year that Hogan Construction Group was founded. In our 20-year history, Hogan has embraced the LEED certification process, as well as the professional accreditation process for our staff.

Whether or not an Owner seeks LEED Certification for a new facility, addition, or renovation, Hogan Construction Group is committed to applying sustainable construction principles to each and every project. Hogan will recycle construction waste to the extent possible and give procurement priority to the sourcing of material locally.

Should a client decide to pursue LEED Certification, our proven LEED management team is eager to work with you to identify the LEED Certification level that is most attainable and practical given budget and project requirements. We currently have LEED Accredited personnel on staff who are excited to implement the best sustainable practices for your initiative.

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