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Paul Hogan, a 39 year construction executive, formed Hogan Construction Group to offer a comprehensive platform of value-based, client-focused construction management services.

Hogan specializes in assuming a partnering role as an integral member of the Owners’ project team. The company’s principals are seasoned construction professionals experienced in leading and delivering technical and financial -based solutions to the project team.

Hogan is extremely proud of its reputation for always adding value to its construction assignments. The firm is committed to consistently exceeding client expectations by delivering superior quality, utilizing exceptional speed-to-market techniques, and developing relationships with Owners that are earned by trust and performance.

Vision Statement:

At Hogan Construction Group, our purpose is to provide solutions that translate visions to realities. We are builders, but we build more than buildings. We also build people, careers, and relationships. Ultimately, we seek to build an enduring legacy for our people that is bigger than any of us as individuals.