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Barton IT & Logistics Building – Greenville Technical College: Greenville, SC

Located on the Barton Campus of Greenville Technical College this new 32,434 square foot two-story facility will accommodate warehouse space for the shipping and receiving operations of the Logistics Department and office spaces for the IT Group and the Department of Planning & Grants. A connector designed to be a light and inviting feature of the building will serve as the main building entry and provide access to all departments, common areas, and warehouse space.

A large conference room, computer lab and a small conference room are located in common areas accessible to all departments. These rooms feature full audio visual and media capabilities. The building includes various security systems including a card reader system to monitor and limit access. The Logistics Department will contain a loading dock accessible to semi-trucks and small loading areas for smaller vehicles.

This project will be an example of sustainable design by achieving LEED Silver Certification. It is designed to utilize solar heat gain in the winter and will have a “green wall” with native vegetation providing shading in the summer to minimize the effects of solar heat gain. The roof slopes will allow for rain collection that will be used for irrigation. Many sustainable mechanical and electrical features will be utilized throughout. Materials and products with a high recycled content will be employed with special preference given to those available locally. Natural lighting will be integrated into the design for various office areas.

The structural system consists of two parts. The first part is the warehouse section which is a pre-engineered metal building coordinated with architectural metal wall and standing seam roof panels. The second part of the structural system is traditional construction consisting of steel columns, beams and bar joists supporting a floor system of metal pan and concrete with a light gauge metal truss system supporting a composite decking system coordinated with an architectural standing seam metal roof panel.

The proposed exterior finishes on the building include brick veneer with rainscreen wall panels, storefront systems with engineered glass, split faced CMU and architectural metal wall panels on the warehouse section.

Barton IT & Logistics Building, Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC